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Live MMS Website

Live MMS Website 


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Social Media Consultant

Social Media Consultant

 My name is Zafar Shah, I am a professional Social Media Business Development Consultant based in Scotland. 

My expertise is in Facebook Marketing & Advertising, Twitter Engagement, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube Marketing & Search Engine Optimization for businesses of all sizes, from small start-ups to large companies.
My specialty is fixing social media campaigns that are producing low or zero results, and turning them into a thriving community.
If you are looking for a cost effective way of generating targeted traffic to your website, you need to know that the cost of a social media campaign from me is going to be the fraction of the cost of similar companies.
I have extensive hands-on experience and specialise in providing these services, delivering tangible results.
All costs are agreed before any work is started and all retainer work is based on a agreement.
If you require any more information about my work please do not hesitate to contact me.

Zafar Shah 

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Website builds your business facevalue

Website builds your business facevalue

We all know of businesses that are performing phenomenally well without a website but we believe that they could be doing a great deal better. A website is a crucial tool in the marketing toolbox with most individuals and organisations looking to the web if they want to find something. Numerous studies have found that more and more consumers are researching online before buying offline, so if you’re not there when someone is doing a search for you, you do not exist. By having an online sales presence we can help your business to expand & with MMS’s eCommerce solution you can reach a wider audience. Your website will also positively impact with our social media strategy and this can ultimately be converted into sales.

In this day and age it is very important that you are visible to new technology, a growing number of consumers are searching for businesses and services using their mobile devices rather than a PC or laptop and it is for this reason that all of the work we do is mobile friendly.

So Don’t delay and let MMS help you enter the realm of the World Wide Web giving your business a professional look with our low-cost solution.

Marketing Strategy Developers 

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Marketing Managed by MMS

Marketing Managed by MMS
Marketing Managed!

When it comes to your business, marketing is about spreading the word of what you do to as many people as you can, but are you doing this correctly and how do you make your business stand out from the crowd making sure your voice is heard, more importantly what can we do for you in this tough, fast-paced & ever-changing environment?

We work across a range of platforms focusing on generating extra revenue providing a solution for your business as stated in our name Multi Market Solutions. MMS has a reputation for delivering results ensuring that we keep ahead of the game by gaining insights & education into all of the services we provide. If you want to reach a wider target audience & increase revenue it is very important that your businesses has a marketing budget, we can help you decide what this should be using our marketing maths. We will use our vast knowledge & expertise to Create, Engage and Manage your campaign successfully. Our main aim is to earn you extra money.

Can anyone do what we are doing? The honest answer is Yes. But do you have enough time to dedicate to marketing or to research about what is trending in the industry? The answer is No. At MMS we put our time, knowledge & expertise to work, taking the burden off you

r shoulders.

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